Tickets for Children of the 80's

Let Hard Rock's Friday parties lure you back to a decade famed for big perms and bold neons. Children of the 80s kicks off on Friday 2 June 2017 and closes on Friday 29 September, which gives you plenty of opportunity to get your time machine fix. An '80s party wouldn't be complete without a heavy display of shoulder pads, leg warmers, skin-tight acid-washed jeans and jumpsuits – and last year this dress code was embraced to the max, with everyone scoring top marks for fancy dress effort.

Line-ups are still to be confirmed, but previous bookings have included the Vengaboys, Rednex, Limahl, Barbara Tucker, Alice DJ, 2Unlimited, Haddaway and Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base. They know how you put together a line-up to honour the past, and we'll be at the front, waving a lighter in the air.

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